Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Your company needs to reduce corrective maintenance costs and the costs of lost production and disassembling machinery. Predictive and preventive maintenance are based on taking action before a breakdown, thus avoiding the risk of your equipment working at less than optimal efficiency. We have high-tech resources and specialised technicians with specific training.

We also offer to carry out the regular inspections which are mandatory for certain facilities. We will perform the tests and checks stipulated by the Authorities with approved and certified instrumentation.

1. Predictive thermographic analysis. This study provides information about: unbalanced phase loading; electrical connections in a poor state; excessive power consumption; faults in heat dissipation systems; electrical components which are not operational; and mechanical problems.

2. Studies of power supply quality. We have equipment for recording and analysing electrical parameters, including current, voltage, harmonics and active and reactive energy.

3. Checking differential circuit breakers. Checking that differential circuit breakers are operating in accordance with the following standards: CEI 64.8 612.9, CEI 64.8/6 appendix D, EN61008, EN61009, EN60947-2 point B and VDE 0413 part 6.

4. Calibration. We have certified equipment for measuring pressures, temperatures and electrical parameters. We check that safety components are measuring and functioning correctly.

5. Analysis of critical points and generating preventive maintenance plans.

6. Legionella checks. We are authorised to make these checks by the relevant Authorities, and have all the technical resources to both check for legionella in installations and facilities and implement measures to prevent it, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 865/2003 and Government of Catalonia Decree 352/2004.

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