Quality and Environment Policy

Electricity Verdú, S.A. (EVSA) is a company specialized in INSTALLATIONS, MAINTENANCE AND ENGINEERING. Since its founding in 1959, it has always had a policy of technological innovation aimed at satisfying the needs of interested parties, ensuring the safety of its workers and preventing environmental contamination of its activities, products and services.

To fulfill this approach, Electricidad Verdú, S.A. Acquires the following commitments:

• Comply with the legal and regulatory provisions related to the products and activity of the company.
• Provide all staff with the level of training and learning necessary for the development of their activities related to the quality of the product and service, and the environmental management of the activity in order to minimize impacts.
• Have the necessary systems and organization to achieve the required quality and protection of the environment, through the process-based approach, the life cycle and the prevention of pollution.
• Control the products in the different stages of the service provision process, with the purpose of detecting the non-conformities before the delivery of the product to the client, and to be able to take actions for its resolution.
• Ensure the best conditions of occupational health and safety for all personnel of the organization.
• Establish systems of continuous improvement, through the analysis of the data, in order to prevent non-conformities and meet and exceed the objectives and goals adopted.
• Develop processes and tools that allow the participation of personnel in the improvement of the implemented management system, as well as having a fluid and transparent communication of all interested parties, both internal and external.

In Martorell, on January 17, 2018

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