About Us

Electricidad Verdú. S.A., EVSA has been in business for more than 50 years. It was founded in 1959, with the aim of providing services to the emerging industry in our area. EVSA was involved in significant projects such as the electrical installations for the toll booths on the A2 motorway and installations and maintenance for the first multinationals to establish themselves in the area. It was involved in both electrical and water installations.

Ten years ago, a new generation took control in EVSA, and a new stage of growth began. Since then, EVSA has entered other fields, such as engineering services, automation and instrumentation, and also air conditioning, communications networks, preventive maintenance and industrial projects. We have a team made up of both specialised and multi-discipline technicians. In addition to providing services to industry, we also work in the up-market residential sector. During the lifetime of the company, it has worked for more than 1,200 other companies.

Our main aim is to reduce our customers' costs, facilitate savings and improve their processes. At EVSA, we aim to help our staff to achieve their personal and professional ambitions, while, at the same time, providing a benefit for the society in which we operate..

Drawing on our 50 years' experience, we have prepared ourselves for meeting the challenges the future may bring, and continue to grow so that we can adapt ourselves to our customers' needs, and thus jointly create added value for their businesses. Our aim is to continue evolving, and to offer an ever-improving service which is appropriate to, and in line with, progress and innovation. We also aim to be a company and team which are highly valued both professionally and personally.

  • Our installations and maintenance are of high quality and our engineering design capabilities are an added bonus
  • We offer a wide range of global services for which we can be a one-stop shop
  • We have over 50 years' experience
  • We have a team of both specialist and multi-discipline experts
  • We have the most technologically advanced machinery and equipment
  • We have the human and material resources to detect and resolve your problems quickly and effectively
  • Programmes of on-going training and updating knowledge of new technologies are part of our philosophy
  • We design and install fluid distribution services, particularly for water, and use a number of materials, including electrically-welded...

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